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A smart and sustainable way to grow your BNB on Binance Smart Chain.

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Note! Aside from the built in anti-whale and anti dump feature from the forked contract, We made an additional enhancement that would require the users to compound X number of times before the user can withdraw without the 60% feedback tax. This feature will ensure stability, sustainability and longevity of the project. In addition, there is also a 2% compound bonus for every compound action that the user will make which can stack up to 12 times.

Recommended! To maximize the users return of investment in the short and long term, a compound 6 Days/Week and sell 1 Day/Week strategy is recommended. Which was already battle tested and proven effective by other existing miner projects.

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Note: Funds that are deposited (including compounds) cannot be withdrawn, however the miner will pay daily dividends and referrals rewards for the life of the contract. Please use at your own risk. Remember, never invest more than you can afford to lose and always do your own research!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes this miner different?

    AVX FARM Miner has several anti-dumping and anti-whale measures in place to ensure the longevity of the project. These measures include maximum deposits, maximum withdrawals, as well as a cutoff time AND a cooldown time for withdrawals.

    The cutoff time is the amount of time it will take for your "cart" to be full of rewards. Once the cart is full, it will stop filling until you've taken some action in the game. This is to prevent whales from letting their rewards accumulate for a long time, and removes the false impression the contract value is going up when most of it is rewards the whale is waiting to withdraw at once.

    The withdraw cooldown time is the amount of time one has to wait before they can make another withdrawal. This also prevents the contract balance from decreasing in value too fast.

    To reward players for playing the game, there is a bonus when you compound your daily earnings instead of withdrawing them. The compound bonus increases 2% every 12 hours that you compound without withdrawing. This incentivizes the user to compound more often, which will help boost the miner efficiency rate in the long run. To be able to utilize the compound bonus feature, the player must not compound before the provided timer reaches 00:00:00.

    For the players who choose to not play the game and only withdraw, there will be a 60% tax on those withdrawals that will stay in the contract. If the player only makes consecutive withdrawals, this tax will be applied. Withdrawals that are made following after 4 compound action (after each 12 hour cooldown) will be exempt from the tax.

    In addition, AVX FARM Miner has a feature of enforcing the user to compound X number of times before they can withdraw without a sustainability tax. This is ensure the longevity and help the sustainability of the project.

  • What is the price of miner?

    Miners do not have a set price. Higher TVL more Miners per BNB, Lower TVL less Miners This creates level playing field so no user can be late. There is NO calculator available to work this out

  • What will my daily percentage be?

    Daily percentage is up to 5% This depends on selling habits, the time of day you compound or deposit and TVL fluctuation.

  • What is the best strategy?

    We recommend the tried and tested method as in it is written in the contract. Compound 6 days and Sell 1 day a week. It will compound your investment and recieve your initial back in 6-8 weeks

  • Is compounding more often better, 2 or 3 times a day?

    Essentially yes. You will need to pay gas fees for every compound.

  • Has there ever been a dApp concept you've wanted to bring to life?

    We're always looking for inspiration. Send us your requests!